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Seven steps to a Smarter City: and the imperative for taking them

A year ago I wrote the article "Five steps to a Smarter City: and the philosophical imperative for taking them” to capture what at the time seemed to be emerging practises with promising potential for creating successful "Smarter City" strategies and programmes. I've updated it twice since then to reflect what I've learned about the main challenges cities face in that process: establishing a cross-city consensus to act; securing funding; and finding the common ground between the institutional and organic natures of city ecosystems.
There are enough examples of cities pursuing the "Smart" agenda now that I'm confident those practises should no-longer be called "emerging": they can be observed in almost every case where progress is being made. 
I've just written a major update to the original article, now covering the following seven steps, and containing links to the material and resources I've found most useful in carrying them out:
  1. Define what a “Smarter City” means to you
  2. Convene a stakeholder group to co-create a specific Smarter City vision; and establish governance and a credible decision-making process
  3. Structure your approach to a Smart City by drawing on the available resources of expertise
  4. Establish the policy framework
  5. Populate a roadmap that can deliver the vision
  6. Put the financing in place
  7. Enable communities and engage with informality: how to make “Smarter” a self-sustaining process
You can read the article on my blog at the link below - I hope you find it interesting; and would love to hear your views on the approach I've suggested:
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