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Can digital technology help us build better cities? A workshop at the Academy of Urbanism Annual Congress, Bradford, Thursday 16th May


Over the course of the last two decades, digital technologies have transformed the way we communicate, work and live. They have changed the way that we behave in cities; and they lead to new demands on the urban environment from residents, visitors, businesses and communities: for mobile and broadband connectivity; open data portals; and transient working environments.
Should these technologies change the way we design and build cities, and if so, how? Do technologies offer solutions to difficult problems such as offering more flexible, coordinated transport services? Or are they a distraction on focussing on what really matters – the physical, social and economic needs of people and their communities? And how do they compare to long-standing debates within the more traditional domains of urbanism about how good cities are created, regardless of technology?
The Academy of Urbanism, a body of several hundred professionals, researchers and policy-makers involved in the design and operation of cities from perspectives as diverse as town planning, social science and technology is holding a workshop at it’s Annual Congress in Bradford this year to explore these issues.
The workshop will feature opening contributions from speakers from a variety of backgrounds, and with differing opinions on the value and relevance of digital technology to good urbanism. Our intention is to stimulate an informed and frank debate to follow;  from which we hope that useful, practical insights will emerge on whether and how the technology agenda is relevant to cities.
More details of the workshop, and a link to the Congress programme and registration, can be found at the link below; I hope that some of you can join us for the workshop.




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My apologies for posting this with an incorrect date in the title; the workshop will be held on Thursday 16th May. The Academy of Urbanism Congress runs from Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th.
Posted on 23/04/13 20:56.