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What's the risk of investing in a Smarter City?

(Or "how to buy a smarter city that won't go "bump" in the night)
Frost & Sullivan estimate the market for "Smart" solutions that exploit technology to address the challenges facing cities will be $1.5trillion by 2020. But anyone who has tried to secure investment in an initiative to apply smart technology in a city knows that it is not always easy to turn that theoretical market value into actual investment in projects, technology, infrastructure and expertise.

Investors are concerned by three types of risk involved in investing in smart infrastructures compared with traditional infrastructures: construction risk; the impact of operational failures; and confidence in outcomes.

In "What's the risk of investing in a Smarter City?" I've explored those risks and how they're being addressed in order to enable new ways for cities to make investments in technology to create social, economic and environmental improvements.
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