Scaling-Up Retrofit

'Scaling-Up Retrofit of our Nation's Homes' was a competition run in 2013.  

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Background to the competition:

A number of opportunities are emerging for innovative businesses to capture a share of the projected £200bn domestic retrofit market. These include: 
  • the Green Deal (launched October 2012): where home owners can use a government-backed finance scheme to pay for energy efficiency improvements 
  • The Energy Act (2011): from April 2016, private residential landlords cannot refuse a tenant's reasonable request for energy efficiency improvements where a finance package, such as the Green Deal, is available; from April 2018, private rented properties must meet a minimum energy efficiency rating of ‘E' 
  • the Energy Company Obligation (ECO): this will require energy companies such as British Gas, E.ON and EDF to invest £1.3bn each year in energy efficiency and heating measures, specifically directed at retrofitting vulnerable and lower income households 
  • new guidance under the Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA), which requires local authorities to set out plans for improving energy use on a ‘street by street' basis. 
The ECO is likely to drive the volume market, with larger construction consortia partnering with local authorities and energy providers to roll out area-based retrofit programmes from 2014. The Green Deal and Energy Act will provide business opportunities on a home-by-home basis. 
For all these opportunities, construction organisations need to develop and deliver a compelling value proposition that is attractive to either individual homeowners or to the procurers of larger area-based retrofit programmes of work. 
Scaling up Retrofit follows the successful Retrofit for the Future (R4F) programme which targeted an 80% carbon reduction in dwellings. R4F focused mainly on the technical challenge of deep retrofits; Scaling up Retrofit allows consortia to re-think their supply chains, and deliver a price-focused proposition with performance guarantees to customers. 

Read more about Scaling up Retrofit competition and view the presentation slides are available in the document library.

A little about Scaling up retrofit

The competition winners have been published online. Follow the link in the main article.

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