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Research Needs, Post-Fukushima


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Call for Papers for 2014 Nuclear Plant Chemistry Conference

Nuclear Plant Chemistry Conference 2014 (NPC2014)
October 26-31, 2014
Royton Sapporo Hotel, Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan


About the conference
The International Conference on Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems (Nuclear Plant Chemistry Conference, NPC) started as the Bournemouth Conference in the UK in 1977 and has been held biennially since then by a host country in Asia, North America and Europe. For 2014, Japan is the host country. The conference is a forum where engineers and scientists from universities, research institutes, and service organizations in cooperation with utility engineers address the challenges of water chemistry control and improvement of material integrity in future LWR operation. In 2014 the focus will be on increasing the safety and reliability of LWRs as well as improving plant operation by presenting and discussing enhancements in water chemistry based on the latest R&D and operational experiences shared among the participants. This meeting will also provide lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident in March 2011 such as the latest information on FP chemistry and decontamination techniques.

Call for papers
Technical Paper Abstracts are invited in the following topic areas:

  • PWR, VVER & CANDU/PHWR Operating Experience
  • Pressurised Water Scientific Studies
  • BWR Operating Experience
  • Boiling Water Scientific Studies
  • LWR Secondary Water Chemistry (Steam Cycle)
  • Auxiliary Systems, Water and Waste Treatment System
  • Life Time Management and Plant Ageing
  • Chemistry and Fuel Performance
  • Maintenance (Decontamination, Cleaning)
  • Future Trend and New Development / Scientific Basis
  • Chemistry Optimisation Programmes and Compliance Management
  • Special session related to Fukushima Daiichi NPP Accident

Key dates:

Abstracts due: 4th December 2013
Advance programme: 30th April 2014
Papers due: 30th June 2014
Slide due: 27th September 2014

For more information, visit

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