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Future Automated Aircraft Assembly Demonstrator (ITT/653).

By Phil Williams

Future Automated Aircraft Assembly Demonstrator (ITT/653)

To support the growing portfolio of research projects at the Centre for Aerospace Manufacturing (CAM) the University of Nottingham is making a strategic capability investment in the area of advanced informatics-enabled manufacturing. The aim is to develop a unique new research demonstrator of future automated aircraft assembly processes and systems. The demonstrator will have the capability to assemble at least 2 different aerospace products with scope to address other manufacturing domains in the future such as automotive, naval and energy.

The scope of the research demonstrator has been defined in a partnership with strategic global industrial partners including Airbus, BAE Systems, GE Aviation and GKN. The demonstrator will be specifically focused on future reconfigurable assembly systems including automated drilling, bonding and fastening processes, highly flexible and adaptable tooling and fixtures and analytical data intensive component and process tracking and validation.

The research demonstrator will include as a minimum the following key elements:

A. Demonstrator IT Infrastructure

The demonstrator IT infrastructure consisting of Portal Interface, Component Data Monitor, is required to integrate robotic, human and tooling elements and provide key functions such as control, monitoring, communication, data processing and performance monitoring.

B. Data Capture, Position Monitoring and Inspection Infrastructure

1 of the critical components in the demonstrator is the data capture, monitoring and communication infrastructure. The required equipment includes novel devices to provide capability for accurate position tracking and measurement, and the means to present this to relevant users.

C. Tooling Set

A selection of robot tools and auxiliary equipment has been requested to support a variety of applications ranging from drilling and machining heads to sealant dispensers and grippers.

D. Robotic Equipment

Relevant robotics equipment will be integrated within the overall process and informatics infrastructure to deliver highly adaptive processes with enhanced precision and reliability. A carefully selected set of robots will be required to provide the capability to test new robotic concepts in cooperation, data exchange, human — robot interactions and hybrid decision making, teleoperation, plug and produce integration, social learning, configuration and adaptation.

Priority will be given to solutions offering next generation equipment that can demonstrate significant step changes in technology. As a guide the budget for Phase 1 of the Future Automated Aircraft Assembly Demonstrator is circa GBP 1 000 000.

Tenderers are invited to bid for all work packages (e.g. WP1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6), individual work packages (e.g. WP 2) or any number of sub-work packages (e.g. WP1.2).

19 (nineteen) of the total 27 (twenty-seven ) sub-work packages (Phase 1) will be awarded now (subject to affordability limitations) and the remaining 8 sub-work packages are intended to be awarded subject to further funding availability (Phase 2) at least circa. 12+ months. Nominations for preferred vendors (and reserve supplier in some cases) will all be announced now but subject to final contract and funding. Bid offers for phase 2 sub-work packages are required now and to be firm with any offer conditions/variances envisaged beyond 12 months clearly identified and where appropriate referenced/ indexed. However, should current funding afford any of these phase 2 sub-work packages now then some or all of these may be contracted in phase 1.

Programme: Sell2Wales
Status: Open
Opened: 31/01/2015
Applcation Deadline: 06/02/2015
Deadline Date: 26/03/2015
Deadline Time: 12:00:00
Type: Contract Notice


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