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The Future with AI: Thought Leadership Panel Debate

Do join our debate chaired by Will Hutton, author of 'How Good We Can Be', on The Future with AI: Will it be good for us? Our panel of thought leaders includes:


  • Charles Collis -- Head of Robotics Research, Dyson
  • Saher Sidhom -- Founder of HACKMASTERS, business futurist and AI evangelist
  • Francesca Warner -- Associate, Downing Ventures and leading AI investor
  • Professor Michael Wooldridge -- Head of Computing Science, University of Oxford and leading expert on AI

The UK has a wealth of capability in AI techniques and their application, but a future with AI raises many questions.

  • Will AI really take our jobs or augment them?
  • If the UK doesn’t lead, who else will?
  • Will AI lead to the concentration of power into a small number of hands?
  • Which is our biggest worry – smart machines or dumb machines?

In this 90 minute debate our panel of thought leaders chaired by Will Hutton, author of 'How Good We Can Be', will address your questions. They will discuss the safeguards that might be needed to ensure a responsible and ethical approach towards the applications of AI technologies.

The debate will be followed by refreshments and networking.

This debate launches The Future with AI -- a one year programme jointly run by BIG INNOVATION CENTRE, HACKMASTERS and KTN. Through a range of activities across the year we aim to challenge perceptions of AI, to stimulate the UK's capacity to innovate in this area and to better inform policy developments.


Would you like to put a question to the panel? Please email it to Helen Lawrence: h.lawrence@biginnovationcentre.com

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17:30 – 19:00
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Big Innovation Centre

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Millbank Tower
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Millbank Media Centre

Millbank Tower

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