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Meeting the Challenges of Commercialising Robotics

Efforts to commercialise robotics research face numerous challenges including capital investment, public perception, health & safety concerns & technology readiness. This event will explore key barriers to the technology transfer of robotics to market, focusing on the valuable application of autonomous technology & impact, plus the challenges to uptake by industry, & the ROI.

Topics we'll be covering

  • Commercialising Robotics
  • Public Perception
  • Technology Readiness
  • Routes to Market
  • Return on Investment
  • Robots in Human Environments
  • Future of Agriculture
  • Manufacturing & Automation
  • Transport
  • Assisted Living & Healthcare

Key takeaways

  • Explore key barriers to technology transfer
  • Encourage faster take-up of robotics technology
  • Discuss challenges to humanising robotics
  • Explore global challenges & potential impact for robotics
  • Discover the latest trends in robotics research & investment
  • Meet industry leaders and investors
  • Current robotic technology applications

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09:30 – 16:30
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The Hub Westminster
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Hub Westminster

New Zealand House

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