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UAS Conference 2014 - Ideas

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UAS Conference 2014 - Ideas
01/11/13 13:56
After the success of the 2013 UAS Conference we would love to do something similar next year. Please do leave any ideas and suggestions you may have to make next years conference even bigger and better!

RE: UAS Conference 2014 - Ideas
04/11/13 12:22 as a reply to Emma Bortnik.

First off thank you for organisiing a great event!

But, here's some feedback partiucularly associated to the flying demos. As presented they were totally uselessemoticon

Ideally the participants would have to demonstrate their skill and navigate an obstacle course. Where by the viewers can then judge their flying performances based on real world scenarios. We also need LIVE video downlink!!! I don't really care what they look like when they buzz around. I may be care about how loud they are but the most important thing for us broadcasters is image stability/quality. We need to be able to jusdge camera operating.

Set out some performance specs that can be measured against each other.

image stability
daily cost
flight times
camera operating

It may even be worth doing a sideby side video output comparison so that you can easily judge performance.