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vehicle collision warning system

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vehicle collision warning system
25/02/14 16:12
Innovative Vehicle Systems Ltd (IVSL), formerly a Kingston University spinout, was founded with the aid of a £50,000 proof of concept award from the commercialise fund. Having successfully completed the POC phase, the company has gone on to develop the Distanc>>>er™, an advanced technical demonstrator of a low cost camera based vehicle collision warning system. The system can be fitted by any driver to any vehicle in minutes, thereby saving on expensive installation costs. It can give the driver real time warnings when it senses he/she are too close to the vehicle in front, for the speed they are travelling. The system works by scanning the road ahead looking for number plates, when it finds them; it locks on and measures the height of the characters, this allows it to give distance to target warnings. A major advantage of this method is, by locking onto the only standard sized object on the vehicle, i.e. the number plate, it is able to positively identify the target as a vehicle; The system will also be able to record data for future analysis and works in heavy rain
and at night.
A video of the system working in real time can be seen here www.innovativevehiclesystemsltd.com

We are now pitching live on crowdcube in order to attract funding. The full pitch can be seen here:
Contact: george.ferrie@innovativevehiclesystemsltd.com



Attachments: Heavy rain.jpg (70.9k), Red waring 1.jpg (74.1k), night.jpg (54.6k)