Building Knowledge

With the objective of assisting industry, research councils, academia and government, the RAS SIG is engaged in developing a strategy for dynamic short-term drivers to impact jobs and growth.  


This is being acheived through:

  • Developing a strategic roadmap for the UK's RAS industry
  • Investigating key market opportunities which were highlighted at a landscape roadmapping exercise in January 2013
  • Analysing the key value chains across multiple sectors and understanding how the disruptive nature of RAS technologies can then create new market opportunities
  • Compiling a capability/resource map to identify the UK's strengths and weaknesses in the RAS field. 


Drawing on the outputs of these activities, the RAS SIG will build a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape, the market opportunities and will identify value in disrupted or novel supply chains. 


Taking advantage of the launch of Horizon 2020 in late 2013, the RAS SIG is working on a European engagement strategy for both industry and academia. 


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