A robot “liquid that thinks?”

US researchers are developing minature robots with the ability to come together in an intelligent swarm which could be used to contain an oil spill or self-assemble into hardware in space. The University of Colorado Boulder team is led by Assistant Professor Nikolaus Correll, who describes the form of the robots coming together as "liquid that thinks". Correll's colleage, research...
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IEEE App for robot fans

Author: Adriana Hamacher - 12/12   The Institute of Electrical Engineers and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), together with IEEE Spectrum magazine, have released a new app for iPad with a plethora of info, pictures and video of robots and developments in the robotics field worldwide. There are interviews with well-known roboticists, 360-degree views and interactive animations of...
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Are robots ready to repair Fukushima?

Author: Adriana Hamacher - 12/12   Following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster, the Japanese robotics industry was criticized for having concentrated on developing expensive walking humanoid robots rather than more practical robots now needed to cope with hazardous conditions and repair extensive damage.   Robots introduced by Qinetiq and US firm iRobot are...
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Robots on the radar

Author: Adriana Hamacher - 12/12   The field of robotics has been through several cycles of somewhat overblown speculation in the last few decades. Although there have been great advances, robots have not become mainstream and nothing remotely threatening human cognition has appeared on the horizon. Well, that may have been true until now. In the last months the robotics...
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Chancellor endorses robotics and autonomous systems as technologies in which the UK can lead

George Osborne has signalled the Government’s support of initiatives in robotics and autonomous systems by naming them one of the eight future technologies which “will revolutionise our economy and society over the next 20 years”. The UK Chancellor was speaking at the Royal Society, last month.   “Our wider manufacturing industry has so far been a slow adopter of industrial...
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