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Solving Urban Challenges with Data

Innovate UK, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), in collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network will be hosting a series of events across the UK to discuss the forthcoming competition 'Solving urban challenges with data'. 
To be successful in the future, cities need to deliver a thriving economy, great quality of life and reduced environmental footprint, whilst managing growing economic, social and environmental stresses. Cities are using increasingly complex systems of instrumentation, sensors and computing resources to produce a broad and growing array of data sets about the environmental, social and economic performance of the city. Use of such data can enable businesses, social enterprises and other organisations to better understand and respond to the interrelated challenges facing our cities. When combined with more traditional kinds of data, we become able to add significant value to our knowledge of everyday urban lives and to create new kinds of products and services, which meet the needs of urban citizens, governance and other businesses.
What is the opportunity?
Innovate UK, ESRC and NERC are to invest up to £7.5m in collaborative R&D projects (with a proportion available for relevant feasibility studies) to develop new solutions to urban challenges through their competition 'Solving Urban Challenges with Data'. 
Projects should seek to create solutions and services that offer specific commercial benefits and/or limit risks and increase the resilience, quality of life or economic performance of urban areas by integrating environmental, social and/or economic data with data from other sources. The focus is on better defining and solving problems through finding innovative ways to combine data sources. 
The briefing events will include;
  • an opportunity to hear about the scope of the competition in more detail
  • an overview of some of the datasets available
  • an opportunity to network and develop partnerships for the competition
There will also be an opportunity, on a first come first served basis, to meet with Innovate UK and the Research Councils for 1 to 1 discussions about the competition. Why not come along and see if any of your business challenges can be solved with the use of data.
Who should attend?
The events will benefit businesses, community groups, academics, researchers and local authorities in the following sectors; Energy, Transport, Built Environment, Health, Water and/or Financial Services. 
To register for the briefing events click on the links below;
For more details contact Jenni McDonnell
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