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North Wales brain injury service

North Wales brain Injury service

This competition is jointly funded by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB), Welsh Government and Innovate UK and will be run by BCUHB as part of the SBRI Programme. This competition aims to promote independence in cooking tasks, to identify and develop innovative solutions that maximise the benefits for brain injury service users' and benefits for public services.

Why focus on cooking? The process of cooking is complex and involves:

  • Choosing and planning what is to be prepared
  • Obtaining ingredients
  • Organising the environment for maximum efficiency
  • Effectively carrying out the sequence of steps involved in the chosen recipe.

Services users often have:

  • Poor memory
  • Impaired new learning skills
  • Impaired mental tracking of tasks
  • Problems with divided attention, selective attention and sustaining attention
  • Problems with goal selection, goal maintenance and goal completion
  • Poor risk assessment
  • Poor self-monitoring

On Thursday 26th February 2015 the competition will launch to seek and develop innovative solutions that will promote independence in cooking activities for our service users rather than current practice which involves direct one to one prompting from therapists and support workers.

Organisations will be invited to compete for a share of a total £160,000 fund for the further development and commercialisation of innovative technologies, processes and business models.

The competition will open on Thursday 26th February 2015 and close on 20 April 2015. There will be a formal launch event on Monday 23rd March 2015 in Wrexham.

Once the competition is open, interested parties will be able to get further information, register their interest and book a place at the briefing event on 23rd March 2015 via the following email address -

Programme: SBRI
Opens: 26/02/2015
Closes: 20/04/2015
Award: Up to £160,000
Website: SBRI Competitions

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