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The EUREKA's Eurostars Programme is the first European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to SMEs.

Eurostars seeks to overcome one of the barriers to the implementation of high-quality SME-led transnational R&D projects, the lack of guaranteed public-sector funding. Eurostars takes a ‘bottom-up' approach to project generation. Projects can address any technological civilian area and have the objective to develop a new product, process or service.


Eurostars will stimulate SMEs to lead international collaborative research and innovation projects by easing access to support and funding. Providing funding and support for market-oriented research and development specifically with the active participation of R&D-performing SMEs.


Definition of a research performing SME is a company 

  • that invests 10% or more of turnover, or
  • 10% of FT equivalent staff on research activities, or
  • 5 or more FT staff work on research activities (SME with 100 or fewer employees). 10 or more FT staff work on research activities (SME with 100 or more employees). 

In the United Kingdom only innovative intensive and research-performing SME's are eligible for funding under the Eurostars programme. Academics/universities and large companies are welcome to participate in a Eurostars project, but must fund their own participation or use funds from other sources.  


UK participants in a successful Eurostars project are funded through the Technology Strategy Board, up to 60% of eligible project costs, with a maximum grant budget of €360k per UK partner in a project.


Other European partners in projects are funded via their own national funding bodies.



Status: Open

Opened: 1st June 2014

Registration closes: No deadline

Closes: 11 Sep 2014

Further information including how to register: Click here

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