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A 3D printed robot that can squeeze under your door

Researchers at UC Berkeley’s Biomimetic Millisystems Lab have introduced a new 3D printed robot designed to be flexible enough to manoeuver under a door.
Named the Sprawl Tuned Autonoumous Robot (STAR), the segmented robot has two natural positions: in its default posture, its body is raised between two ski-like legs, giving it a higher profile. When it encounters a tight passage, however, it spreads its legs to flatten its body and scoot under the door with a series of fan-like feet.
According to the researchers, STAR is capable of reaching 5.2 metres per second (11.6 miles per hour) and has has impressive manoeuverability. When the bot needs to turn, it simply activates the rotors on one side of its body, giving it the ability to execute a full 360 degree turn in less than a second.  What’s even more impressive is that the robot can actually pivot in opposing directions almost instantaneously.
When equipped with a camera, the system represents an interesting addition to the growing list of surveillance bots being developed.
A video of STAR in action is available here:

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