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This 16-year-old is starting the forerunner of the road train

Presently, it may only have one car, but 16-year-old Haydn Sonad’s “Tesloop,” a service, to ferry people between California and Las Vegas in a Tesla Model S electric vehicle, has intriguing possibilities. 
Teslas don’t drive themselves yet, so Sonad  (pictured) and his partners plan to spend their summer vacation ferrying people back and forth, charging customers $75 each way. That’s cheaper than a flight or driving yourself. Tesla has a series of "Supercharger" stations enroute and this means the car can be recharged for free.
At $70,000, the cars aren’t cheap and Sonad roped in his father as a co-founder of the new company, in order to lease the first vehicle. But the cars are reputed to hold their value, and the company has estimated that it can make $5,000 a week, just with one vehicle. 
At Telsa’s shareholder meeting earlier this month, Sonad asked the company’s founder, Elon Musk, whether autopilot was safe enough to use on a journeys like the ones he was planning. Musk said it could be only three years before we’re at the point where you can fall asleep in the car. 
If that’s accurate, Sonad would be in prime position to be running the world’s first road train, before he’s even 20 years old. 
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