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Ocado is building what could be the world’s most exciting robot

Online UK supermarket Ocado has revealed plans to build "the most advanced assistive robot in the world.” The retailer detailed its leading role in the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, the ”SecondHands project” - a collaboration between Ocado and a consortium of universities including UCL in London - in an online statement on Wednesday.  
The aims of the project are ambitious, to say the least. Not only does it seek to develop robots that combine artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced sensors to understand and assist humans in real time, they will also have the cognitive and perceptive ability to "understand when the operator is in need of help, understand how this help can be given and provide relevant assistance.”
The robot will be completely autonomous and should be able to help with everything from fetching tools to holding objects and even assisting with cleaning and engineering tasks.
Once trained in a series of basic tasks it should be able to increase its own intelligence and act independently.
The project is being funded by the EU to the tune of €7m (£5.1m) as part of its Horizon2020 initiative to encourage researchers to work more closely with industry partners. 
Ocado will be coordinating the project, contributing to the research and will also be the end user, with the robots designed specifically for its factories. It expects the first SecondHands prototype to be operational at an Ocado testing facility in 18 months and hopes the final version will be assisting engineers in factories by 2020.
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