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£4 million investment in the long term care revolution

The Long Term Care Revolution

This SBRI competition aims to stimulate the development of innovative new products, services and systems that disrupt the institutional long-term care model, ensuring that UK businesses are well placed to take advantage of this growing market opportunity.

The competition is open to organisations (large enterprises, SMEs, micro businesses, entrepreneurs, third sector, public and private sector) working together as a consortium through a single contracted project lead, to develop and deliver commercially viable products, services and systems.

Successful applications will attract a 100% funded development contract over a period of up to 24 months.

The competition opens on 7 April 2015. The deadline for registration is at noon on 26 August 2015. The deadline for applications is at noon on 2 September 2015. Projects are expected to commence in January 2016.

There will be a briefing event for potential applicants on 14 April 2015.

Programme: SBRI
Competition opens: 07/04/2015
Briefing event: 14/04/2015
Registration deadline: 26/08/2015
Deadline for applications: 02/09/2015
Contracts awarded: 25/11/2015
Projects commence: 01/01/2016
More details: website
Briefing event: register

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