Bringing together a world-class community
in Robotics & Autonomous Systems.

Our vision is to bring together a community
of entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers and potential
end users to create a vision for the Robotics
and Autonomous Systems sector in the UK.

RAS technologies will have impact on industrial sectors in ways we have not yet fully conceived.

How will these impacts occur? What kind of disruptions will they cause? Which businesses will be the winners and losers as the commercial landscape evolves?


Through mapping of value chains and modelling such possible disruptions, SIG activities will analyse and understand the commercial forces at work and the opportunities they bring to place UK industry in a position of international leadership.


Thus equipped, business cases can be developed that justify necessary investments from both the private sector and the Government. The aim is to kick start a pipeline of UK innovation from basic research to products and services that in turn creates jobs and future growth in the UK economy.

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