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In the 2013 autumn statement the HM government has announced £270m investment to develop Quantum Technologies in the UK because:

  1. it is seen that a new wave of quantum technology will be one of the future key technologies. This is evidence in the amount of start-ups and investment going into the area.

  2. The UK has research excellence in this field with 16% of the worlds most cited papers and is number one in measures of field-weighted impact

This is a good starting point for building a UK based QT industry but it does not suffice. It needs several things to achieve this. Currently the UK has great quantum science output but that needs to be translated into engineered solutions and we will need to build a UK supply chain. To build the supply chain, one needs to understand the components of the supply chain and when they may enter the market. We need to identify the UK companies that are already active in this field  or are likely to be active. Then we need to evaluate the likeliness that UK can fill the gaps in the supply chain taking existing international players into account. 

These requirements are addressed in different ways. To develop engineering solution, the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) will be in charge of bulk of the £270m to fund the development of such engineered solutions. EPSRC works very closely with Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to ensure that investment has also a commercial impact. The TSB will be funding the commercialisation of the technology in the UK.

The second part of building the supply chain will be undertaken by the Quantum Technologies Special Interest Group QT SIG), which was set up by the TSB and is run by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN).


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