Study Group Problems

The European Study Groups with Industry are regular workshops that take place at academic institutions across Europe, with one held in the UK each year (usually in Spring). Each Study Group follows a similar format, by which a selection of industrial problems are put to a 'workforce' of academic professors, researchers, and students. Having listened to each of the problem descriptions, the workforce divides into smaller groups to tackle individual problems.

Over the course of one week, the academics develop a mathematical description of the problem, and draw upon their varied expertise to identify possible solutions. This process invariably results in a much firmer understanding of the problem, and often results in further collaborative work with appropriate experts.

The 107th European Study Group with Industry will be held at the University of Manchester from 23-27th March 2015.

NERC wishes to support an organisation to participate in the 2015 Study group free of charge (usual fee is £7,500). The deadline for problems for companies, NGOs, or public sector organisations that face challenges related to PURE for the 2015 UK Study Group is 15th February 2015. Please click here for more details or contact Vera Hazelwood if you would like to discuss an idea further.

If you are an academic interested in participating in the Study Group, please register here. Please note that registration closes on Friday 30th January 2015.

Relevant problems from past Study Groups

Environment Agency - Managing uncertainty in flood forecasts

DSTL - Propagation of uncertainty through a hazard chain
Earthquake risk (AIR Worldwide Ltd)
Modelling hurricane track memory (Lloyds of London)