Related projects

The objective of the PURE knowledge exchange network are aligned with those of several other current initiatives. Some of those projects are listed below. If you know of any other that you think should be listed here, then please join our group and get in touch!

  • Living with Environmental Change (LWEC) - A partnership of 22 public sector organisation formed with the goal of understanding the risks associated with climate change.
  • Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards (INRH) - A NERC-funded interdisciplinary research program aiming to build resilience in earthquake-prone and volcanic regions.
  • Project FOSTER - An interdisciplinary team from the Universities of Oxford and Gloucestershire working to produce understandable flood resources for local authorities and other flood management agencies.
  • Changing Water Cycle - A NERC-funded program aiming to quantitatively understand the changes taking place in the global water cycle.
  • Fluid Earth - An industry-led initiative bringing together specialists interested in implementing integrated computer models for environmental applications.