Industrial CASE studentships

Industrial Cooperative Awards in Science & Technology (CASE) provides funding for PhD studentships where businesses take the lead in arranging projects with an academic partner of their choice.

The aim of these awards is to provide PhD students with a first-rate, challenging research training experience, within the context of a mutually beneficial research collaboration between academic and partner organisations eg industry and policy making bodies.

The EPSRC has allocated the Smith Institute with four Industrial CASE Studentships to be awarded in 2015.

The deadline for the submission of Industrial CASE Studentship applications is Friday 27 February 2015, and awards will be announced by 30 March 2015.·     


To be eligible as a CASE partner, companies must have an established UK-based research and/or commercial production capability. These studentships must be placed with a Research Organisation that receives Doctoral Training Grant funding from EPSRC.


EPSRC contributes £80,670 to the project (correct in 2014). The minimum level of financial contribution by the collaborating company in a CASE project is currently one-third of this amount, so £26,890 over four years, but it is often increased to cover, for example, computing equipment and conference travel. A large portion of the company's contribution is used to enhance the stipend received by the research student. This financial contribution by the company is in addition to the costs involved in joint supervision and reimbursing each student's travel and subsistence expenses in attending the company premises for at least 3 months during the project.

For all CASE awards from the Smith Institute, an additional £2,000 per annum from the collaborating company is required to contribute towards the cost of connecting the project to wider resources of the industrial mathematics network.

For information on the application, review and award process, please click here