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PURE Research Programme

About the consortia

The PURE research consortia are as follows:

Follow the links above for a list of organisations contributing to each consortium.

Directory of expertise

The consortia bring together experts in many different areas of environmental science, alongside statisticians and others who specialise in uncertainty and risk.  For a full list of members, their expertise and roles , see our Who's Who in the Consortia page. Areas of expertise can be roughly categorised as follows (click on an individual's name to go to their "Who's who" entry):

Methodology (statistics; uncertainty analysis; communication and perception of risk)

Atmospheric science

  • Willy Aspinall (Bristol; CREDIBLE): elicitation for decision-making
  • Keith Beven (Lancaster; CREDIBLE): uncertainty analysis
  • Alison Black (Reading; RACER): information design
  • Richard Chandler (UCL; RACER): statistics and uncertainty analysis
  • Michael Goldstein (Durham; RACER): statistics and uncertainty analysis
  • Serge Guillas (UCL; RACER): statistics and uncertainty analysis
  • Jim Hall (Oxford; CREDIBLE): uncertainty analysis
  • Andy Hart (Fera; RACER): risk and uncertainty analysis for policy and decision-making
  • Rachel McCloy (Reading; RACER): perception and understanding of risk
  • Patrick McSharry (Oxford; RACER): statistics, probability forecasting, decision analysis and risk modelling
  • Helen Owen (Fera; RACER): statistics, software development
  • Jonty Rougier (Bristol; CREDIBLE): statistics and uncertainty analysis
  • David Stephenson (Exeter; CREDIBLE): statistics and probability forecasting
  • Jon Tawn (Lancaster; CREDIBLE): statistics and extreme events

Earth sciences


  • Malcolm Anderson (Bristol; CREDIBLE): landslides, slope stability and risk mitigation
  • Willy Aspinall (Bristol: CREDIBLE): seismic and volcanic hazards and risk
  • Andrew Bell (Edinburgh; RACER): seismic and volcanic hazards and their interactions
  • Helen Dacre (Reading; RACER): volcanic ash dispersal
  • Simon Day (UCL; RACER): tsunami modelling, volcanic hazards, landslides
  • Katsuichiro Goda (Bristol; CREDIBLE): seismic hazard analysis and management
  • Ian Main (Edinburgh; RACER): seismic hazard analysis
  • Roger Musson (BGS; RACER): seismic hazard analysis
  • Mark Naylor (Edinburgh; RACER): seismic hazard modelling
  • Jeremy Phillips (Bristol; CREDIBLE): volcanic processes, multiphase flow modelling
  • Gerald Roberts (Birkbeck; RACER): seismic hazard modelling
  • Peter Sammonds (UCL; RACER): seismic hazard analysis
  • Steve Sparks (Bristol; CREDIBLE): volcanic hazard and risk
  • Sarah Touati (Edinburgh; RACER): seismic modelling, statistical seismology
  • Matt Watson (Bristol; CREDIBLE): volcanic emissions modelling and observation
  • Paul Bates (Bristol; CREDIBLE): flood hazard assessment
  • Keith Beven (Lancaster; CREDIBLE): hydrological risk and uncertainty
  • Nataliya Bulygina (Imperial College; RACER): hydrological modelling, probabilistic prediction for ungauged and changing catchments
  • Wouter Buytaert (Imperial College; RACER): hydrological modelling, model coupling
  • Jim Freer (Bristol; CREDIBLE): hydrological modelling
  • Jim Hall (Oxford; CREDIBLE): flood risk assessment
  • Neil McIntyre (Imperial College; RACER): hydrological modelling, floods and droughts
  • Thorsten Wagener (Bristol; CREDIBLE): hydrological and systems modelling