The Challenge

As technological competence spreads globally, the key for businesses to remain competitive and continually innovative, is to place greater focus on achieving market success through product design. The challenge for the UK chemistry-using industries is not only to add value through chemicals manufacture, but by using chemistry and other sciences to create materials with desired effects for new and better products.

A key part of this challenge is prioritisation of areas for investment where the UK can be globally competitive.  For example, the UK is home to many companies with global leadership positions in the development and manufacture of new high value products for healthcare, home and personal care, food, coatings and energy.

The UK also has a strong and diverse science, engineering and technology base with significant strengths in many relevant fields. This must be fully exploited, with an increasing level of interdisciplinary and cross sector collaborations in areas such as:

• Physical organic chemistry

• Measurement

• Colloidal and interfacial science

• The biosciences

• Nanotechnology

• Chemical engineering

• Combinatorial and high throughput technologies

• Polymers