Key Activities

Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry

Chemistry Innovation is the host organization for the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (KCMC), a ‘virtual’ centre of expertise that brings together leading edge academic research facilities, knowledge and expertise.

Key delivering partners include:

• The University of Bolton
• The University of Liverpool
• The University of Manchester
• Science and Technology Facilities Council, Daresbury.

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Formulated products

Formulation science and technology represents a range of enabling capabilities that underpin many chemistry-using sectors including home and personal care, agrochemicals, coatings and pharmaceuticals.  The combined global market for formulated products is estimated at $1000 billion per annum and is growing. 

Chemistry Innovation is working with partners to ensure that the UK maintains and strengthens its position as a global leader in the creation of high value formulated products.  Highlights include:

• Creation of a national Formulation Innovation Network

• Over £6 milllion funding leveraged for collaborative R&D projects 

UK Formulation position paper used to improve formulation awareness within public funding bodies

• 'Future Formulation' speed networking event.

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Nanotechnology is defined by The British Standards Institution (BSI) as the: "Design, Characterisation, Production and application of structures, devices and systems by  controlling shape and size in the nanoscale, which covers the size range from approximately 1nm to 100nm."

Nanotechnology is widely believed to have the potential to deliver many new materials with novel properties that could be exploited via a vast range of applications, such as medicine, electronics and energy production.  Far from science fiction, many applications are already commercially available. It has been reported that in 2005, more than $30 billion in manufactured goods incorporated nanotechnology.

Chemistry Innovation is playing an important role in ensuring that the UK are globally competitive in nanotechnology.  Highlight include:

• A portfolio of collaborative R&D projects including ACORN

• Input to the Nanotechnology Innovation Growth Team's 'Nanotechnology -
An Industry View' report