Formulation Innovation Network

Speeding innovation in formulation technology is a key objective for the Formulation Innovation Network. Launched in February 2010, the network engages with formulating companies, universities, ingredient manufacturers, suppliers and different industry sectors creating a virtual centre of excellence for product formulation.

The key aims are to facilitate research and knowledge transfer across sectors, accelerate formulation development and address future opportunities. The Network builds on a longstanding collaboration between Yorkshire Forward and Chemistry Innovation and will be delivered by the not-for-profit company, Intelligent Formulation Ltd., which has been set up by Yorkshire Chemical Focus Ltd., the University of Bradford’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation and ParticlesCIC at the University of Leeds.

Starting from the regional base it is planned for the Network to develop a national role, enabled with support from Chemistry Innovation.

Network Director Jim Bullock says: “Because formulation is not always recognised as a discipline in itself, each industry has built up its own expertise. Connecting companies across industry borders will help to stimulate innovation. There is also a gap between aspects of academic training and industry practice - we want to address this and turn formulation into a more coherent discipline”.

Formulations – in effect a recipe combining ingredients in specific ways - are the basis for products including creams, lotions, tablets, gels, pastes, emulsions and solutions . They are used in sectors including personal care and cosmetics, household products, pharmaceuticals, food, crop protection, textile manufacture, paint and adhesives.

Innovative formulations and technologies can improve product performance and process, saving both money and energy, and helping to reduce the overall chemical burden.

The Network – with a specific remit to assist SMEs - is supported with funding from Yorkshire Forward and the EU, through the 2007-13 ERDF Programme.

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