Formulated products

Formulation science and technology represents a range of enabling capabilities that underpin many chemistry-using sectors including home and personal care, agrochemicals, coatings and pharmaceuticals. The combined global market for formulated products is estimated at $1000 billion per annum and is growing. Chemistry Innovation is working with partners to ensure that the UK maintains and strengthens its position as a global leader in the creation of high value formulated products.

Highlights include:

• Creation of a national Formulation Innovation Network

• Over £6 million funding leveraged for collaborative R&D projects

UK Formulation position paper used to improve formulation awareness within public funding bodies

Future Formulation speed networking event

To exploit the growing global demand for these complex multi-component products, formulators must deliver novel functionality, whilst overcoming ever shortening product life-cycles and increasingly restrictive regulatory frameworks.

The UK has a strong position in the high value market of formulation. With an established industrial and academic base in this area, it is vital to ensure that there is appropriate investment and alignment of the community over the next 5-10 years in order to capitalize on our strengths and continue to lead in this sector.

Developments in areas such as high throughput, modeling, measurement, nanotechnology and renewable materials would provide significant product and process innovations exploitable across several sectors.

Chemistry Innovation, together with its partners are working together to ensure areas such as skills and training, knowledge exchange and networking across the respective industrial and academic sectors are tackled strategically.