Tools and Methods 

There is a variety of tools and methodologies available to help those in the industry with Life Cycle Assessment. Some of which can be found below. 



IMPACT enables construction professionals to measure the embodied environmental impact and life cycle cost performance of buildings.



Consortium-led on-line modelling tool modelling capital costs, operational costs, embodied and running energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions for dwellings.



Fully transparent cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment model. Allows any multi-material building to be assessed. The model allows the user to define key parameters in terms of building materials, lifetime, maintenance requirements and end-of-life scenarios and calculate the associated environmental impacts.


The Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Most widely used international accounting tool for government and business leaders to understand, quantify and manage greenhouse gas emissions.


PAS 2050

Specifies requirements for the assessment of the life cycle GHG emissions of goods and services.


Athena Eco calculator for assemblies

Instant access to instant life-cycle assessment results. Provides architects, engineers and other design professionals with access to life-cycle assessment results for hundreds of common building assemblies. The results are based on detailed assessments completed with the Athena Impact Estimator


Athena Impact Estimator for buildings

The Impact Estimator is a whole building environmental life cycle based decision support tool


Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES)

The BEEs software is based on consensus standards and designed to be practical, flexible and transparent. It includes actual environmental and economic performance data for 230 building products. BEES measures the environmental performance of building products by using the life cycle assessment approach specified in the ISO 14040 series. All stages in the life of a product are analysed. Economic performance is measured using the ASTM standard life cycling cost method


Enterprise Carbon Management

ECM is a software solution for carbon footprinting and energy management for businesses.



Is the most widely used LCA Software, it offers standardisation as well as flexibility. It has unique features such as parameterised modelling and interactive results analysis. It is an implementation of Ecoinvent.



Modelling, reporting and diagnostic software tool for LCA practioners that drives product sustainability performance during design and planning.


Boustead Model

Computer modelling tool for life cycle inventory calculations.


Umberto Carbon Footprint

Software designed specifically to support work in modelling, calculating and analysing Product Carbon Footprint and Corporate Carbon Footprint.


REGIS (Corporate eco-performance)

REGIS enables you to evaluate and improve eco-performances, calculate ecological and economical facts, create basics for decision making and communications, use the most recent data and method.


CES Eco-selector

PC software application that offers extensive materials property data, advanced graphical analysis and specialist tools to support materials selection and substitution decisions.


DEMScot Model

Created for the Scottish Government to answer policy questions about housing and climate change, and in particular to see what happens to Scottish housing in order to meet its targets for cutting CO2 emissions by 2020 and 2050.



Industry-first cost and carbon modelling tool that enables the carbon associated with building, upgrading and operating assets to be analysed. Strategic decisions can be based on the lifetime carbon footprint, operation and maintenance costs and financial and environmental performance of every component of a building project. 

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