The UK BIM Strategy is a world-leading, award-winning (Fiatech Global Innovation Award 2013) programme of work to transform the procurement of buildings and infrastructure for the digital era.

The UK is in a global race to develop an open standard and supporting tools for adopting BIM within construction.  In 2011 the UK Government partnered with the construction industry in setting up the BIM Task Group.  The goal of the task group is for all centrally-funded public procurement to be delivered using Level 2 BIM by 2016.  This is expected to catalyse the adoption of BIM for non-government procurement, and support UK firms offering BIM services overseas.

Navigant predicts the global market in BIM tools will grow to £4bn p.a. by 2020.  Moreover, BIM related services on the back of these tools are estimated at around £30bn p.a. by 2020.  In a global context, UK-based firms already exports £7bn of architectural and engineering services.  Taking a global leadership position in developing BIM will provide strong potential for further export growth.   

BIM is a game-changer.  It allows 3D data to be stored and shared between parties throughout the design, construction and operation of a built environment asset. BIM has the potential to revolutionise collaborations between supply chain partners, unlock new business models, reduce costs, speed up delivery times, increase efficiency, cut waste, and deliver buildings that are ‘right first time'.  It is poised to revolutionise the construction sector in the same way that effective data exchange and collaborative supply chains have revolutionised the automotive and aerospace sectors over the past two decades.

BIM will disrupt current construction procurement and will help the sector transform to a more industrialised approach.  Industrialisation will allow the industry to deliver buildings that are more efficient in using finite resources; cheaper to run, more affordable to build and renovate; more adaptable to our society's changing needs; and more resilient to a changing climate.

Further information and related content can be found on the Digital Design and Engineering group.

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