The BIS sponsored report on Power Electronics (October 2011) found that "Power Electronics plays to the strengths and aspirations of the UK. It is a high-growth, high-added-value and high-value per employee technology." 

It demands cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams of engineers capable of meeting the demands of the complex integration challenges this presents - a capability in which, it could be argued, the UK leads the world." Within the key challenges for the UK were "The emergence of disruptive technologies which can rapidly transform sectors of the market in which the UK has existing strengths" and the consequential requirement for UK industry to keep pace with even incremental innovation.

There are developments and requirements for power electronics across the full power spectrum from high power systems within energy generation and distribution through to "nano-power" requirements within the sensor networks and energy harvesting sector. This group will provide a platform for organisations and academics to share information, ideas and contacts.


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The three main challenge areas are shown below, although our work is by no means limited to these three areas, as can be seen from our work in the Special Interest Groups of Internet of Things, Smart DC, Smart Energy and the Connected Digital Economy Catapult group.

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This group will provide a platform for organisations and academics to share information, ideas and contacts.