Nanomaterials in Polymer Applications for the Transport Industry

7 July 2010, The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, London

The Materials KTN and personnel from both industry and academia held a roadmapping event on the use of nanomaterials in the transport sector. The objective was to determine the gaps in participants’ knowledge and ability, with a view to possibly providing SPARK Awards to help companies become more competitive. Presentations were given on the current activities in the field of nanomaterials for transport, before a one-day roadmapping session was carried out.




Download the Roadmap (PDF 3MB)

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Top Ten Uses of Nanotechnology in the Transport Sector using Polymers (PDF 2.3MB)
Sally Beken, Materials KTN
Read the article on the
Top Ten Nanomaterials used in Polymer Applications in Transport
Nanotechnology in Transport: an Overview of the Current Technologies 
(PDF 5.7MB)
Alan Smith, AZ-TECH
Enhancing the Performance of Commercially Available Polymers (PDF 7MB)
Edward Lester, Promethean Particles Ltd
Nano Carbon, Nano Silicas and Nanoclays: Properties and Applications (PDF 3.4MB)
Andrew Tinker, Materials KTN
Expertise at, and Funding for, Nano Related Projects from The University of Glasgow (PDF 1.6MB)
Neil Bowering, The University of Glasgow