Melt Index: Can we do Better?

6 December 2012 - Online 

A recent project organised by the Polymer Sector of the Materials KTN has produced a report and hosted a webinar outlining a potential new test method that could replace the Melt Index test/Melt Flow Rate (MFR) used in the polymer processing industry. The new Melt Strength test has the potential to give valuable material information to plastics processors which will enable better quality control of parts and in-house processing techniques.

Participating in the project are leading UK polymer researchers, including: acrylic monomer and polymer manufacturer Lucite; Durham University’s Centre of Soft Matter; the National Physical Laboratory; and polyaryletherketones producer Victrex.

The collaborators are keen to develop a quick and cost effective method which can measure a thermoplastic’s melt strength, also known as its extensional flow behaviour.

The goal is to develop an additional tool to the widely used MFR test. The presentations from the event are available for members of the Materials KTN Polymers Sector to download. If you are not already a member of the Polymers Sector, please join the network by clicking on the 'Join this Group' link in the top image banner. Membership is FREE.

Download the Presentations