Elastomers as Smart Materials - 26 November 2010

The Materials Knowledge Transfer Network is raising the awareness of academic research, new technologies and processes in the field of elastomers. With this in mind the Polymer Sector of the Materials KTN is hosting a series of online seminars/webinars showcasing various areas within the elastomer field.  The aim is to encourage cross sectorial involvement and knowledge transfer.  Utilising the webinar process allows easy, cost effective involvement by industry without too much disruption to production.  It encourages a broad range of polymer
employees to ‘attend’ and learn about issues that may be applied in their specific sector or transferred across sectors.

The first of these webinars was held on Friday 26th November.

The presentations from the event are available for members of the Materials KTN Polymers Sector to download. If you are not already a member of the Polymers Sector, please join the network by clicking on the 'Join this Group' link in the top image banner. If you do not already have an _connect account, please register using the link at the left hand side of the page, then return to the Materials KTN site and join the network. Membership is FREE.

The presentations are available for members of the Polymer Sector and Materials KTN to download below.

Self Healing Ionomers

Dr. Santiago Garcia Espallargas, Assistant Professor, Novel Aerospace Materials from Delft University of Technology, Holland

Elastomer Compounds for Self-Healable Composites

Dr Peter Bailey, University of Sheffield

Conductive Polymer - Elastomer Blends

Professor Peter Foot, Kingston University, London

Pavegen Systems