Hybrid and electric vehicles - design for disassembly (D4D)

18 May 2010, MIRA

Within HEV and EV’s we have some radically different expected life spans of  components and subsystems. This conference highlights materials and technologies that can facilitate quick and reliable replacement components. D4D is more than end of life, it covers mid-life technology/sub assembly upgrades.  Additionally, it is likely to use materials/ technologies that are not so specialised or unique to OEM’s that they could be impossible or uneconomic to put back to original condition in a local garage. Therefore, this D4D event includes D4RA (design for re-assembly).





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Low Carbon Vehicle Engineering Centre (PDF 3.5MB)
Derek Charters, MIRA
D4D materials tools and techniques
(PDF 4.5MB)
Dr. Roger Wise TWI
Automotive electronics (PDF 328KB)
Professor Martin Goosey Loughborough University
Rubbers in automotive applications (PDF 792KB)
Dr. Sally Beken Materials KTN
Design approaches to disbonding technologies (PDF 2.1MB)
Professor Allan Hutchinson, Oxford Brookes University
The Application of Active Disassembly, and Potential for use with HEV/EV’s (PDF 1.8MB)
Professor David Harrison Brunel University
Design and Materials in Remanufacture (PDF 2.6MB)
Dr Winnie Ijomah