Bio-plastic Food Packaging-Needs, Uncertainties and Opportunities

A one-day seminar hosted by the West Midlands Regional Food Academy, in partnership with the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network. If you are interested in "green plastics", innovation in packaging or meeting consumer demand to be environmentally friendly, this is the event to come to.

The presentations from the event are available for members of the Materials KTN to download. If you are not already a member of the Materials KTN, please join the network by clicking on the 'Join this Group' link in the top image banner. If you do not already have an _connect account, please register using the link at the left hand side of the page.

Presentations are available to download in PDF format below.


Introduction to Bio-plastics & their relevance to the food industry. Bio-plastic certification and INCPEN (Industry Council for Packaging & the Environment)
Dr Robert Quarshie, Director, Materials Knowledge Transfer Network - Presented by Malcolm Harold, Relationship Manager, Materials KTN
Biopolymer packaging, a retailer's perspective
Peter Ettridge - Amcor Flexibles
Bio-plastics, the alternatives, their origins and the future
Dr John Williams, Polymer & Materials Manager, National Non-Food Crops Centre
The government perspective on bio-plastics, pulp-moulded trays & active packaging for the food industry.
Dr Paul Fowler, Director of Bio Composites, Bangor University
Established bio-plastics and European perspective.
Dr Lucy Cowton, product manager, Sustainable Technologies, Innovia Films Ltd
Packaging design and bio-plastics
Steve Kelsey, 3D Vision Packaging Design
Bio-plastic and food safety, bio-packaging disposal
John Horwood, FCM Chairman, Food & Drink Federation
Established bio-plastics for food packaging
Tony Bretton, Novamont
New bio-plastics for food packaging
Peter Kelly, Mirel Plastics

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