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Report Published: Extra Benefits of Using 'Insulated Heater Bands' in Injection Moulding

The Polymer Sector of the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (Materials KTN) has produced a report looking at the extra benefits of using “insulated heater bands” in injection moulding applications.

Although considerable research has been carried out into the energy saving benefits of using insulated heater bands, discussions with relevant moulders indicated that apart from the energy saving there was some evidence that the quality of the mouldings being produced improved i.e. they were more consistent, and what was very interesting was that several component properties such as tensile strength improved.

An investigation was therefore carried out with the mouldings produced being cable ties and the property measured being the tensile strength.

The findings from this work can be found in the report which is available to download for free below.


The report can be downloaded for FREE here.
(nb. the report is only available to Materials KTN Polymers Group members, click Join this Group in the top banner or Log-in or Register in the left hand menu to Log-in or to Join for Free).



For any further information please contact Jan Czerski or please also feel free to comment on the report below.

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