Who we are

The Polymer Group is set to develop its activities within the Materials Community and, importantly, this polymer activity will aim to appeal to a broad range of industry within the plastics and rubber community. The Polymer Group aims to provide the catalyst for innovation and development to improve the competitiveness of UK business.

What we do

Membership of The Polymer Group provides:

• Plastics, Polymer and Rubber Expertise
• Signposting for Technical advice
• Networking through focused events
• Funding for short term feasibility projects
• A brokerage for project consortia with guidance to development funding
• Technology road mapping for sectors and companies
• Advice on best practice
• Networking through other sectors of the Materials Community
• Links and support to the Design Community

 These member benefits are provided free of charge. If you wish to:
• Keep up to date and access technology for business opportunity
• Understand the broader implications of technology and policy change
• Network within and outside your own community

then The Polymer Group, as a part of the Materials Community, is open to you – contact us 

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