RCA - Plastic Electronics and Design - Seminar and Workshop

On the 14th March 2012 the Royal College of Arts and the Knowledge Transfer Networks ESP Community held an event to bring together RCA students and technology companies to discuss opportunities to incorporate printed electronics in their work.

Organised by InnovationRCA in partnership with the ESP Community, this first RCA Plastic Electronics seminar, held at the RCA was aimed at connecting Royal College of Art designers and artists with plastic electronics and photonics technologists to catalyse collaborations and knowledge exchange.

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A new era of electronics is happening; organic and other materials are being used to create electronic devices and circuits with shapes and forms that previously would not have been possible. Instead of traditional printed circuit boards, electronic circuits and chips can now be made by printing or embedding them on paper, plastic or even textiles - so they can be flexible, thinner, lighter, mass-produced, organically safe for disposal and cheaper. This opens the door to a future of incredible possibilities, and the RCA-ESP Community seminar was a great beginning.

The speakers were:

Mike Banach - Senior Research Manager, Plastic Logic
Peter Batchelor, ESP Community
Lauren Bowker - RCA Textiles graduate
Professor Tony Dunne, RCA Design Interactions
Alexander Du-Pree and Hannes Harms - RCA Innovation Design Engineering students
Daisy Ginsberg - RCA Design Interactions graduate
Luke Hart - RCA Sculpture student
Eifion Jewell - Senior Technology Fellow, SPECIFIC, Swansea University
Matt Johnson - RCA Innovation Design Engineering graduate & Co-founder, Bare Conductive
Richard Kirk, CEO + Ric Allott , CTO, Polyphotonix
Roland Lamb - RCA Design Products graduate and founder, Sea Labs
Francesca Rosella - Fashion designer, CuteCircuit
Jenny Tillotson - RCA Textiles graduate & Senior Research Fellow, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design

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