Solar Electricity - Power from Sunlight

UK Solar Electricity Value Chain 


The sun is a source of an enormous supply of free energy and one that photovoltaic technology is able to convert into electricity.

The UK government introduced a "feed in tariff" for renewable energy and it proved to be so successful that they had to be downgraded twice.
Has the uptake of PV technology proven that the UK is a suitable market?  We believe so.

Solar electricity is an opportunity for the UK to:

  • Create 150,000 potential jobs;
  • Generate wealth from higher employment and new businesses;
  • Reduce UK CO2 emissions;
  • Prevent fuel poverty – solar electricity reduces demand on meter payments;
  • Improve security of supply;
  • Provide products for export markets with 40% CAGR

If you have an interest in any aspect of the solar electricity market or supply chain please feel free to join this group.

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A little about Solar Electricity

Electricity generated by solar radiation and ambient radiation - this group covers everything from the active element through to the smart meter.