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Space-based Sensing Road-mapping Workshop

16th March, Ambassadors Hotel London

The Space-based Sensing Road-mapping Workshop is part of a series of road-mapping workshops, which aim to contribute to the update of the National Space Technology Strategy (NSTS) to be published in summer 2016. The NSTS will inform the future investment by the government and industry into Space sector technologies. 

Mick Johnson form Airbus, who is the chair of the Sensing National Technology Committee (NTC), will lead the discussion on the day.

Space photonics encompasses high-reliability precision optical components, opto-electronic and fiber-optic modules and sub-systems based upon key enabling optical technologies. These are used in sensing and imaging equipment installed on satellites to remotely monitor the earth and other planets. For example these instruments enable monitoring of CO2 and soil moisture and imaging across the electromagnetic spectrum to understand the important changes occurring to the environment of the earth.

We would welcome key industry representatives, academics and other stakeholders at the workshop to identify priorities and make recommendations on specific technology areas. This input will contribute to the producing of a roadmap that would be implemented in the new National Space Technology Strategy.

If you are interested to attend please register for the event here

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