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Energy Game Changer: Up to £1.5m available to provide radical solutions to challenges in the energy sector

Innovate UK is allocating up to £1.5m for their "Energy Game Changer" competition. The funding will be allocated to feasibility studies led by SMEs who can provide disruptive solutions to long established challenges which currently cost the energy sector hundreds of millions of pounds per year. The challenges are particularly relevant to the nuclear, oil & gas and energy systems parts of the energy sector.


Amongst the high level challenges where radical solutions are sought are:

-       improving condition monitoring, inspection, sensing, characterisation and repair of energy assets

-       minimising the risk and cost of operating in remote and hazardous environments

-       generating and handling 'big data' to optimise performance, efficiency, safety and security 

-       getting individuals and communities excited and engaged in energy 

-       reducing the consumers energy bills without compromising comfort


To encourage radical change and new ideas, we are specifically looking for projects to be led by innovative SMEs whose main business comes  from outside the energy sector and can therefore look at the challenges with a fresh perspective.


We see opportunities for organisations who may be engaged in activities such as; ICT, digital, design, electronics, sensors, virtual reality, gaming, robotics, UAVs, manufacturing, inspection and advanced materials.


We also welcome technology transfer ideas from other sectors such as; defence, aerospace, forensics, automotive, medical, space and creative industries.


The competition will launch in Spring 2016, but a preliminary information webinar will take place on Friday, 11 December, 2015, 10.30-12.00.


The webinar will give you the opportunity to:

·      understand the background to the competition

·      hear about the specific challenges and competition scope in more detail

·      hear about the competitions eligibility criteria, application process, funding and timescales

·      ask on-line questions

·      network on line


To register for the webinar, click here



For more information contact:

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