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Emerging Imaging Showcase

To celebrate the successful conclusion of the projects funded by Innovate UK under the Emerging Imaging call, “Seeing more than before”, Innovate UK and KTN are pleased to host a showcase event for each of the projects.  The event will give each project team the chance to present the outcomes of their work to an audience of customers from both the private and public sector.You will also hear from our access to finance team about the opportunities to appear on our new investor showcase platform – the growth showcase and there will be opportunities for one to one discussions with our access to finance team about your companies circumstances.

The event will take place at The Studio in Birmingham on the 26th of January from 10:00 to 17:00.

Companies presenting on the day - Medical Wireless Sensing, Kromek Group Ltd, Optimec Limited, Aralia Systems, Atout Process Limited, Terraview Limited, M-Squared Lasers, Simpact Engineering Limited, IS Instruments Limited.



Coffee and registration


Introduction and Welcome


Presentation from the Access to Finance Team at Innovate UK


Company presentations




Company presentations




European opportunities (EEN)


Company presentations




Company presentations from


Closing remarks




Teraview Limited Teraview will talk about their project to demonstrate the feasibility of manufacturing pulsed emitter/detector arrays for true broadband 3D terahertz imaging, enabling advances in the high value non-destructive testing opportunities
Kromek Group PLC Kromek will talk about how their project with Kings College London has developed novel algorithms to improve x-ray measurements of bone mineral density through significant noise reduction
Art Analysis (M2 lasers) Art Analysis & Research will highlight their work with M2 lasers using hyperspectral imaging to demonstrate the provenance of artwork but which can be used in a diverse range of applications across the wider fields of imaging for security, chemical sensing and environmental monitoring.
Simpact Engineering Limited Simpact will speak about how they have taken digital volume correlation and X-ray computed tomography technologies from the medical world and translated it to engineering materials monitoring.
Aralia Systems Limited Aralia systems will show how they have developed a 3D imaging system for moving objects at 100s of metres
Atout Process Limited Atout Process Ltd will talk about how they have shown whether magnetic induction imaging technique performance can be enhanced to reach commercial viability.
IS Instruments Limited IS Instruments will talk about their work to develop a new class of time resolved Raman spectroscopy, which could lead to the development of new hand held instruments for use in the security, pharmaceutical and biological services sectors.
Ibex Innovations Limited IBEX Innovations (IBEX) will outline how their proposed virtual anti-scatter grid improves contrast and significantly reduces patient doses in medical radiological examinations.
Aston University (Optimec Limited) Aston university will talk about their work with Optimec Ltd to develop a new instrument capable of significant improvements to characterising opthalmic medical devices such as contact lenses and implanted lenses to a level of accuracy not possible today
Metrix NDT Limited Metrix NDT will explain how you can use both optical and X-ray 3D images to provide high resolution external and internal measurements for cast, moulded, forged or sintered components from a wide variety of materials including ceramics, composites and even plastics.

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