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The 5th EVI-GTI International Gas Turbine Instrumentation Conference

The 5th EVI-GTI International Gas Turbine Instrumentation Conference was held in Munich, Germany from October 10 through 14, 2011.  The conference was organized by the European Virtual Institute for Gas Turbine Instrumentation; you can download the press release for further details

Chips from Apple


Apple Has 1,000 Engineers Working On Chips For The Post-PC Era

Facebook App for virtual meetings - real people, virtual places

Interesting idea from Shaker, a new Israeli start up, for having 3D virtual rooms to meet people through Facebook... 


This could be an interesting app for _connect? 


Read about it here

Is graphene the best quantum resistance standard?

The quantum Hall effect defines a relationship between two fundamental physical constants: the Planck constant h and electron charge e. It is vitally important for a 'quantum-based' redefinition of the SI units of mass (kilogram) and current (ampere) based on these constants. Experiments are needed to test the quantum Hall effect in different materials in order to prove whether or not it is truly universal.


To read more on this research visit the Measurement Network

NPL in Space


New calibration satellite required to make accurate climate change prediction.


The Earth's climate is undoubtedly changing, but how fast and what the implications will be are unclear. Our most reliable models rely on data acquired through a range of complex measurements. Most of the important measurements - such as ice cover, cloud cover, sea levels and temperature, chlorophyll (oceans and land) and the radiation balance (incoming to outgoing energy) - must be taken from space, and for constraining and testing the forecast models, made over long timescales. 


Read the full article here

Open Innovation: Chesbrough and Eyton

Science|Business's Richard Hudson speaks about open innovation with Prof. Henry Chesbrough and BP's Group Head for Research and Technology, David Eyton in these three videos - one, two, three


Interesting discussion on Open Innovation, policy, and OI from an industry perspective, specifically BP. 

China reaches parity with West on innovation

Huge increases in R&D spending have translated through to make China’s innovation ecosystem as technologically advanced as in the West, says a new study

20% of UK workforce depends on science skills


New research undertaken for the Science Council shows that science has become increasingly important across all sectors of the UK economy and society with 5.8 million people now employed in science-based roles.   


This is projected to increase to 7.1 million people by 2030.


The research, undertaken for the Science Council by TBR, provides much more information than available previously, including greater depth of data on the size, shape, distribution and qualifications of the UK science workforce today as well as giving some projections of future changes.  


You can continue to read the Press Release here or view the Full Report 

Check your 3G coverage

The BBC have a new service to check the 3G coverage in your area. 


Are you running on 2G - 10x slower than 3G?

The UK's first decommissioned nuclear power plant

The National Physical Laboratory contributed to the decommissioning of the Windscale Advanced Gas-cooled reactor (WAGR) by characterising waste so that it could be processed and disposed of accordingly.


The WAGR was built in the early 1960s and over its operational lifespan produced around 3,257,500 MWh of electricity.


Read the full article here

Measurement Network publishes 5 new good practice guides

The Measurement Network has published 5 new good practice guides. To get these you will need to be a member of the Measurement Network [and associated groups].

JOB OPPORTUNITY - Lead the UK's National Measurement Network


Measurement Network Manager - salary circa £50k plus benefits



The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is one of the UK's leading science facilities and research centres. It is a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate standards, science and technology available.

The Measurement Network is the primary dissemination channel for the National Measurement System (NMS) and has built a 1,700-member community, which offers a place to meet, exchange knowledge, access authoritative data and collaborate with others interested in measurement.

We are now looking for an experienced manager to lead the growth of the Measurement Network.


Get more information and apply

International Congress of Metrology Event


The Congress is a meeting place for specialists in metrology from industry and scientific laboratories through :

  • 6 industrial round table sessions, and about 180 presentations.
  • A 70 booth exhibition of equipment and services,
  • Technical visits to companies.
  • The aim of the Congress is to contribute to the improvement of measurement in industry and research.

The audience of the Congress : 800 to 1 000 participants from 50 different countries



Interested in....

Then join the Measurement Network to get your free guides and reports. 

NPL Launches the "Learning Zone"

Join the Measurement Network to take full advantage of this new resource for free.


The NPL Learning Zone is the place to come for anyone seeking definitive and independent resources that will enable them to develop their knowledge and skills of Measurement.


Content includes:

  • 133 GPGs sorted by Special Interest Group of the Measurement Network
  • Factsheets - quick introduction to a subject e.g. Acoustics, Biotechnology
  • FAQs
  • Advice available from NPL, e.g.consultancy
  • Link to Kaye & Laby on-line
  • SI Units – definitions and FAQs
  • Fundamental constants iPhone app
  • Uncertainty Guides 

Carbon Measurement, Monitoring and Modelling Presentations

If you weren't able to make the event, you can still get hold of the presentations by joining the Carbon Measurement Sub Group in the Measurement Network.

Presentations listed below are available for download...


1.  Introduction to the London Sustainable Development Commission and Capital Consumption Report by Sue Riddlestone- Commissioner, Chair, LSDC climate change & resources sub-group and Chief Executive, BioRegional


2. Scope III carbon emissions and capital consumption by Jane Hersey- Footprints and Materials Manager, BioRegional


3. Making business sense of carbon footprinting by Tom Cumberlege, Carbon Trust


4. Measurement in support of a low carbon economy and climate science by Martyn Sene- Deputy Director, NPL


5. Delivering a Low Carbon London- Kulveer Ranger- Mayor's Director of Environment and Digital London


6. Carbon data in the financial services sector by Michelle Cox, Technical Manager, CDP


7. Climate change- related reporting by Lois Guthrie, Executive Director, CDSB


8. Needs and challenges of providing accurate carbon/GHG data by Pete Daw, Programme Manager, GLA


9. Footprinting the food sector by Tom Cumberlege, Carbon Trust


10. London 2012: Carbon management strategy by Craig Simmons, Best Foot Forward.

5 More Free Good Practice Guides....

I have just published 5 more NPL Good Practice Guides in the Measurement Network - hopefully you will find some of these useful. 

You will need to join the Measurement Network to get your hands on these - and they are in the relevant sub-groups [linked to]!

5 Free Good Practice Guides

I have just published 5 NPL Good practice Guides in the Measurement Network - hopefully some will find these useful. 

You will need to join the Measurement Network to get your hands on these - and they are in the relevant sub-groups [linked to]!


They are as follows: 


The dependence of Industry on the UK NMS

Measurement is fundamental for all science, is it not? What you can't measure you cannot know! The paper looks at the role the National Measurement System has in the economy and the dependence industry has on it for manufacture and innovation - written by Dr Roger Digby, Head of Materials and Processes Integration (Aircraft Programmes), Airbus for Science in Parliament.


To read the full article please join the Measurement Network

The value of the NMS to the national economy

This paper looks into why a national framework for measurement is a vital component of a prosperous modern economy. The paper is written by Brian Bowsher, Managing Director of the National Physical Laboratory and looks at measurement in innovation and challenges for the future. 


Read the full article here [for members of the Measurement Network only]


Next week we will present a paper from Dr Roger Digby, Head or Materials and Process Integration (Aircraft Programmes) at Airbus who looks at the importance of the NMS in manufacturing.

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