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Engineering Showcase Event - University of Hertfordshire

The School of Engineering and Technology at the University of Hertfordshire is hosting a 'Business Partnership Showcase Event' on the 24th October 2013.

This event will give you the opportunity to explore the facilities and expertise available within the University, discuss your business needs with our experts, explore partnership opportunities and discover the latest research being undertaken within the School.

On the day you will be able to:

  • Meet our experts within the School of Engineering & Technology
  • Assess how the University can support your company
  • Consider collaboration & 3rd party funding opportunities
  • Identify how to engage with our students
  • Explore the range of opportunities that the University has to offer from bespoke training courses, consultancy and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, to research and Engineering Doctorates

Attendence is free, but registration is required. Details of the Agenda can be found here

1 WEEK TO GO: The Building Performance Gap - Closing it through better measurement

Only 1 week to go for the Building Performance Gap - Closing it through better measurement event at ARUP, London.


Register now.



This event will bring together business, academia and government to discuss measurement and its role in better understanding building energy performance. The event will be broken down into four sessions throughout the day.

Session 1: The importance of closing the gap

Session 2: The role of measurement in building performance evaluationI

Session 3: Tools, methods and models

Session 4: Funding opportunities, now and in the future


Technology Inspired Innovation

The Technology Strategy Board is to invest up to £10m in fast-track and collaborative research and development projects that stimulate innovation across the key enabling technology areas of advanced materials, biosciences, electronics, sensors and photonics and information and communications technology.


Read more:

The Building Performance Gap – closing it through better measurement


The Measurement Network in collaboration with the Centre for Carbon Measurement is holding an event on the Building Performance Gap and measurements role in helping to close it.

Date: 5th December 2012

Venue: ARUP, 13 Fitzroy Street, London, W1T 4BQ

Time: 09:30-16:30


This event will bring together business, academia and government to discuss measurement and its role in better understanding building energy performance. The event will be broken down into four sessions throughout the day.


Session 1: The importance of closing the gap

It is generally accepted that there is a significant gap between the designed performance of buildings and that of their actual performance. Closing this gap is increasingly important as pressure grows to deliver truly zero carbon homes.


Session 2: The role of measurement in building performance evaluation

In order to improve the performance of a building, it is necessary to understand exactly what is going on. As the use of sensors increases so does the measurement data captured. Understanding what this data really means is vitally important in assessing the performance of buildings. This session will discuss the role of measurement, the transformation of data to information and how this can be used to close the gap in building performance.


Session 3: Tools, methods and models

This session will discuss the tools, methods and models used to measure building performance, their outputs and how these can be turned into valuable information to better inform designers and construction professionals. The panel discussion is designed to be informative, topical and to stimulate novel ideas for better monitoring and measurement.


Session 4: Funding opportunities, now and in the future

The event will close with information on future funding opportunities, both at the national and European level.


View the complete agenda here




Event Overview

NPL's Technology Innovation Fund - Overview Case Study!

As we start to reach mid-September, NPL's Technology Innovation Fund will be coming in to the last few months of accepting proposal for support.... If you want to see how TIF can help your business take a look at the case study, visit, or, alternatively you can contact me directly on

Technology Innovation Fund - Supporting SMEs

NPL's Technology Innovation Fund (TIF) is aimed at innovative SMEs that need support in their product/ process or service development or simply overcoming challenges. 


The TIF is designed to be simple to access - the turnaround time can be as little as a week. It provides a set, lowered, day rate for all support provided by NPL (up to 70% savings). 


TIF provides a unique opportunity to gain access to world leading expertise and facilities at significantly reduced rates. If you would like to know more, feel free to connect with me, or email me directly at


Case study - Overview

Measurement and Standards to Enable Sustainable Cities


You can read the events outputs here (members of the Measurement Network Environment and Energy Group only)


Measurement and standards are crucial to underpinning the science, technology, policy and regulation critical to delivering the futures sustainable cities.


So significant is the interest in Sustainable Cities, the Measurement Network Energy and Environment Special Interest Group supported by the AIRTO [Climate Change and Sustainability Interest Group], Carbon Disclosure Project, the British Standards Institution and the NPL Centre for Carbon Measurement, hosted a one day meeting in Central London concentrating discussions around: 


1. Sustainable Infrastructure  

2. Emissions Monitoring and Reporting at City Scale 

3. Standardisation to underpin an Interoperable and Sustainable City

Guidance issued for supply of unmetered electricity

In addition to metering, the National Measurement Office is also responsible for unmetered supplies of electricity as prescribed by the Electricity (Unmetered Supply) Regulations (SI 2001/3263). Industry requested guidance on the Regulations following feedback that they are being interpreted in different ways by different suppliers and different distribution network operators.


Read more on their website here

European Matchmaking Event at the Farnborough International Airshow 11th July


Enterprise Europe Network South-East UK and London are organising a B2B Matchmaking Event during the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA), which is the world‘s most iconic global aviation event, occupying a prominent position on the aerospace calendar.


With 1-to-1 pre-arranged meetings, exhibitors and visitors can find potential commercial and technology partners from all over Europe. To arrange the most suitable, effective meetings, we will be compiling an online catalogue which contains profiles of each attendee. The brokerage session will take place on 11 July 2012.


More information & register here

Two free Good Practice Guides

Two Good practice guides available for free:


Guidelines for measuring anionic contamination of Printer Circuit Boards (PCB) and Circuit Assemblies (PCA) using ion chromatography (for Members of the Measurement Netork  > Communications and Electromagnetics Group only)


Determination of residual stresses by magnetic methods (for Members of the Measurement Netork > Communications and Electromagnetics Group only)


You can join the Measurement Network on _connect by going here

Partners Wanted - Flex-Rigid PCB Research Club

The collaborative research programme focuses on the assessment of Flex-Rigid PCB substrates in high-reliability applications. 


Download the proposal here

Two new Good Practice Guides...

Two new Good Practice Guides from the Measurement Network are now available.


JOB OPPORTUNITY - Rolls Royce: Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, Measurement Specialists


To deliver world class product performance requires continuous development of manufacturing capability. New product solutions push the boundaries of technology beyond their current position to ensure we continue to satisfy our customers and keep our portfolio as the number one choice.  This means that today's manufacturing processes will not be able to make tomorrow's products.  Therefore, as a Rolls-Royce Measurement Specialist you will be responsible for technical leadership, measurement policy and R&T programmes that bring tomorrow's manufacturing capability into a reality today.  A number of roles are currently available.


Because Deborah Meaden says so....

“For success, a business has to be sustainable. The Planet Positive 7-days to Sustainability campaign is the perfect way to start this journey. It is free, easy to action and available now, so I would recommend that every business joins the campaign.” Deborah Meaden.


Visit the 7days2sustainability website or read the full press release on the free sustainability campaign for SMEs

Assessment and Criticality of Defects and Damage in Material Systems & Adhesive Tack

Two good practive guides available to the members of the Measurement Network Materials and Surface Analysis group


Assessment and Criticality of Defects and Damage in Material Systems

Adhesive Tack


As always, comments & suggestions welcome

Two free Good Practice Guides

Two free Good Practice Guides available for download.



Any comments or questions, please do let us know.


(Guides are available for Measurement Network, Materials and Surface Analysis group members)

Metrology for the manufacturing of thin films


The manufacturing of thin films is of key importance since it underpins a significant number of industries where Europe holds a leadership position. Of strategic importance for the EU are high value thin films used in the optoelectronics industry, such as plastic and printed electronics, displays and lighting, memories and solar cells. 


Download the full article here (you will need to be a memebr of the Measurement Network [Materials and Surface Analysis Group] to read)

Free Estimating Uncertainties in Testing Guide

Get your FREE Estimating Uncertainties in Testing Guide from the Measurement Network (you will need to become a member to get the guide)

Physicists Discover Quantum Speed Limit

The speed of light is the cosmic speed limit, according to physicists’ best understanding: No information can be carried at a greater rate, no matter what method is used. But an analogous speed limit seems to exist within materials, where the interactions between particles are typically very short-range and motion is far slower than light-speed. A new set of experiments and simulations by Marc Cheneau and colleagues have identified this maximum velocity, which has implications for quantum entanglement and quantum computations


Read more here

Pocket Physics: a handy guide for bright stars

This useful physics handbook, produced in association with the Institute of Physics(IOP), is an excellent resource for physics students, teachers, anyone with a general interest in physics and those that would like a little reminder of the basics. 


Go get the Pocket Physics guide now (you will need to be a member or join the Measurement Network)

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