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Using Location Technologies in Health and Care - Feb 8th, Reading

The ICT KTN and SEHTA are holding a free event on Feb 8th at Reading.

We will be:

  • Highlighting existing and planned implementations of location-based services in health & care
  • Discussing unmet need where there is potential for innovation,
  • Describing examples of existing technologies from other industries that may transfer well to health & care
  • Showcase promising new technologies and services

More details

US investigates location privacy

The Where Business give a short summary of what the US is doing regarding location privacy. Interesting that there seem to be apps that deliberately obtain the location and email addresses of minors.

Good reading prior to our "A Fine Balance" event on Dec 12th

Location and cyber privacy in the digital age


How to locate a computer to better than 700 metres

Reported in the New Scientist; a novel method of analysing the internet routes and delays to your computer gives, on average, a location result within 690 metres of the target and doesn't require any permissions.

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