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Funding for Short Knowledge Exchange Projects - uncertainty and risk for natural hazards

The PURE network (Probability, Uncertainty and Risk in the Environment) has a call out at the moment for proposals for short Knowledge Transfer Projects, (3-6 months) in the area of natural hazards.  These are collaborative projects, in which a company or public sector agency hosts a postgraduate researcher from a university research group. 


Funding competition - ICT innovation in manufacturing and construction

This Collaborative R&D Competition opened on June 6th. Applicants must be registered by July 27th.

Briefing event. Manchester June 15th

_connect group

Competition announcement and documents

The competition focuses on the software components of ICT and the alignment of ICT systems with people and processes. The project innovation must be in the software and process change elements to be in scope.

Space Engineering Innovation Grant Scheme

£15k Cash Grants Available for Space Technology Companies

The University of Surrey, in partnership with SEEDA, is offering small businesses up to £15k in cash.

These cash grants can be used for any activity that helps a UK business exploit existing or new projects, ideas, products or services, with the aim of helping create economic impact and grow opportunities for small companies in the South East ‘Space Sector’.

Call for applications will close on 20th April 2011 .

Applicants should be SMEs or start-up companies based in the SEEDA region, with interests in or links to the space technology sector.


South East Media Network funding event: Dec 7th, Guildford

Introducing South East, UK and European agencies that provide public funding and support for innovation in digital content.

3.00-7.00pm University of  Surrey, Guildford

Are you an SME LBS developer?

Ever thought of EU collaboration for R&D, prototyping, trials? Latest EU Galileo Funding call

Mobile banking for Haiti incentivised by $10m from Gates Foundation & USAID

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have announced plans to help kickstart financial services by mobile phone in Haiti and accelerate the delivery of monetary assistance from aid agencies to the victims of the earthquake.

M-Pesa has been running an extremely successful system in Kenya, that enables micro-payments by mobile phone.

The Haitian initiative could lay the foundation for advanced banking services that could help millions of Haitians lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

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