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Woman sues Google for walking instructions - Friday news

It wouldn't happen here - would it??

Thanks to SearchEngineLand for this piece of Friday news:

Woman follows Google Maps "Walking" directions.....Sues

UK location based recommendation startup gets funding

Techcrunch reports that Rummble, has raised $800k of VC funding. The London based LBS startup uses "Trust Networks" to personally rate things dependent upon the rating of other people with similar tastes.

Ever growing Location Based Social Networks list

Thanks to Claudio Schapsis for this great, ever expanding, list of Location Based Social Networks

Now that the iPad is here

The iPad is finally available in the UK. I want to see what happens when someone who never uses a computer, gets one.

Is this a game-changing moment in user-interactivity?

or, is just the next next step in technology push hype?

My personal view is that the iPad is closer to the first than the second, in contrast to 3D TV - which I feel is closer to tech driven hype being used as a marketing tool.

David Willetts first keynote speech as Minister for Universities and Science

Speech made by David Willetts at the University of Birmingham - 20 May 2010. Press Release and transcript from NDS.

Guardian opens up - or closes in?

So, The Guardian has launched an Open API, with some constraints: Guardian Open Platform

At the same time, what could be seen by some as a paywall for some content: Guardian Extra

Is this a way of driving revenue to non-news related activites?

Canada opens Digital Economy Consultation

Canada has created an open forum for discussion on the development of its Digital Economy.  Digital Economy Consultation

It will be interesting to follow their progress and to contrast the results with the UK approach.

May 21st 2010 - Silver Surfers' Day

Bill Thompson from the BBC introduces the initiative to help older people access the internet and use a computer. With over 1,500 events in libraries, drop-in centres, schools and other easy-to-access venues.

Also see the Silver Surfers’ Day homepage.

"The Naked Scientists" Podcast on GPS

"The Naked Scientists" interview Chaz Dixon (E.A.D.S. Astrium), Colin Lee (Garmin), Prof. Todd Humphreys (University of Texas), Chopo Ma (NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre).

Podcast homepage. for links to audio and transcripts.

NASA on how and why they collect space-weather data

Video on NASA YouTube channel

A guide to building prototypes

Thanks to @jaggeree for the pointer to this guide to prototyping. It can refer to making almost anything.

Think it all happens in Silicon Valley? You’re wrong! Part 10: Rummble  meet Andrew Scott, CEO and founder of location-based social recommendation service Rummble. Video

Thanks to The Next Web for the link.

Linked _connect blog to twitter.

To see how well it works.

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