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BBC Click video on GPS golf aids

Featuring a couple of potential gifts for the GPS gadget golfer.

BBC Click


Anyone spot any slight mistakes?

South East Media Network funding event: Dec 7th, Guildford

Introducing South East, UK and European agencies that provide public funding and support for innovation in digital content.

3.00-7.00pm University of  Surrey, Guildford

Mobile wallet revolution in Kenya: M-Pesa

How payment by mobile phone in Africa is way ahead of us. from @BBCTech

One of the Internet's many birthdays

Oct 29th 1969 1st message sent from UCLA to Stanford using ARPANET - via @billt


TED video on Tuna tracking

Barbara Block speaking on TED :


Tuna are ocean athletes -- fast, far-ranging predators whose habits we're just beginning to understand. Marine biologist Barbara Block fits tuna with tracking tags (complete with transponders) that record unprecedented amounts of data about these gorgeous, threatened fish and the ocean habitats they move through.

TechCrunch Europe invite your votes for best tech startups & support

#TheEuropas 2010 for European tech companies, Nov 19 in London. Vote at TechCrunch Europe

Rhino horn GPS

From the BBC. A GPS chip is fitted into the rhino's horn by drilling a small hole in the inert or dead part of the horn and alerts game wardens of unusual movement or if a rhino is outside of the game park. 

Apparently the system is now "up and running".

No Ofcom investigation into YouView/Project Canvas - yet

Release from Ofcom.

Project Canvas, recently rebranded as YouView,  is a partnership between the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT, TalkTalk and Arqiva which will offer digital terrestrial channels and internet-delivered TV services via a set-top box connected to viewers’ TV sets.

Virgin Media, BSkyB, IP Vision and various others had suggested that the partnership could use their position to act anti-competitively.

An interesting position, it wasn't that long ago that Virgin Media & BSkyB had a very public spat, which resulted in BSkyB withholding Sky One from Virgin customers.

International Broadband quality score 2010

Published by Said Business School - Oxford and Universidad de Oviedo, and sponsored by Cisco. Overview on Slideshare . Details from Cisco

This report compares the speed and quality of broadband worldwide. In summary; the UK is doing OK, but well behind the world leaders.


Location based gambling - it had to come

Geosweep are starting a gambling business based on location. From the Guardian.

Implementing Future Networks, Content and Services

Presentations from:

Implementing Future Networks, Content and Services with Secure and Efficient Systems. Mon Sept 20th, University of Surrey,

  • What are the future technology demands for the creation and delivery of digital content, and the implementation of secure and accessible systems?
  • How is research at the University approaching these demands?
  • What funding is there to help link industry demands with the outputs from research?

Access to research that is both commercially useful and theoretically outstanding


How does the University interact with industry?

Video, image & audio processing for; entertainment, medical & security
applications pt-1, pt-2, pt-3

Network and communications technologies to enable the “next generation internet” and the delivery of enhanced services and media

Ensuring ICT systems are usable, secure, fit for purpose and environmentally responsible.

User-Centred innovation in communications and computing

Future demands for Networks, Content, Services and Secure Systems - personal view

Trends and development strategies to meet those demands.

Nice visualisation of the way we mediate our lives.

BBC coverage of the Ofcom Communications Market report 2010

Facebook introduces 'Location' support.

After months of speculation, Facebook Places has arrived.

I'd love to comment, but FB is blocked by my employer.

Qualcomm and Nokia dominate Galileo patents.

Research, reported in the Engineer, shows rise in patent filings for GNSS.

Are you an SME LBS developer?

Ever thought of EU collaboration for R&D, prototyping, trials? Latest EU Galileo Funding call

Cloudmade raises $12.3M in Series B funding.

Report from the Cloudmade blog.

Will OpenStreetMap applications finally hit the mainstream?

Android smartphones bring LBS to the battlefield.

Reuters report from the Farnborough Airshow that Raytheon are developing a military system running on Android phones that enables LBS & social media-like functionality.

Digital Surrey event 22 July: The financial and ongoing value of web content

At the University of Surrey at 7pm. Free networking event, run by Digital Surrey

Who are the "Digital Generation"?

Research from the UK Online Measurement Company shows that the majority of new internet users come from the over-50s.

As reported by the BBC.

Mobile banking for Haiti incentivised by $10m from Gates Foundation & USAID

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have announced plans to help kickstart financial services by mobile phone in Haiti and accelerate the delivery of monetary assistance from aid agencies to the victims of the earthquake.

M-Pesa has been running an extremely successful system in Kenya, that enables micro-payments by mobile phone.

The Haitian initiative could lay the foundation for advanced banking services that could help millions of Haitians lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

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